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Community Groups are a way to connect people that are in similar life stages or have similar interests.

We Gather and Grow in Groups!

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Relationships matter!  We believe spiritual growth happens best in context of relationships, so we do what we can to move people from rows into circles, in order to provide a safe place for conversation, friendship, and support. Living life together, side by side, is the best way in bringing Heaven to earth. But, being a Christ follower doesn’t just happen, it’s intentional. It requires active participation in order to be transformed from 'learning' to 'living', and from 'listening' to 'doing'.
Our Growth Groups are content driven groups that have a start and end date, focus on the study of a specific topic, and are led by a trained leader. This experience will provide you with knowledge, how to personally apply it, and encouragement to become an active participant in God’s kingdom. If you have never been part of a small group before, this might be the perfect starting point for you.

We look forward to joining you in your journey with Christ!