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We know how hard it can be to get your family ready and out the door, so we are always prepared to host you and your kids! We want to deliver a fun, safe, and inspiring environment that your kids love to attend. Terraforma Kids is available for children ages 3 months through 5th grade.

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KIDS IN PERSON - What to expect

Check-in Process

Upon check-in you will be greeted by one of our Terraforma Team members. On your first visit, you will be asked to complete a registration form for each of your children. This information will be entered into our secure-check in and parent-paging system. We also ask that you encourage your children to use the restroom and get a drink of water prior to checking them in. This enables our team to stay engaged with your child during the service.

**Parents, please alert the Terraforma Kids personnel of any information that will help in caring for your child, such as allergies or any special needs.

SAfety and Security

All of the Terraforma Kids team members have completed a background check and kid safe training. We carefully monitor our adult-to-child ratios. Also, we make sure they are friendly and fun! Each child is registered and checked-in with our automated system so that we can ensure they are safe while you are in service.

Drop off & Enjoy the Service

After you have completed the check-in process & taken your child to his or her room, wave a quick good-bye & head to the adult service. As you know, it is common for little ones to cry when a parent leaves. This, typically, does not last long. Separation will become easier over time. Our leaders will immediately engage your child in a toy or activity & ensure your child that you will return soon. If your child cries for an extended period of time, we will present your parent code you receive at check-in on the main service screen.

Necessary Items

We ask that you bring as few items as necessary to service. A bottle if feeding will be needed during service time. Please label all personal items (including pacifiers and cups) with your child’s first & last name before arriving at your child’s class. This helps us know which items belong to your child.

Heading home

When the time comes to pick up your child, please return to the appropriate room & present your security tag to the team member at the door. The tag will be matched to your child’s name tag before he/she will be released into your care. A child will not be able to leave the room without the presentation of the security tag by the adult picking them up. In the event you lose your security tag, you will be asked to show proper identification at the check-in table for a sticker reprint before your child is returned to you. Please make sure that you have all of your child’s belongings with you before you leave.

our environments


We have a nursery room available and staffed with age appropriate toys and space to explore for younger children. This is a space for any parent to utilize during the service to feed, soothe, and care for our youngest Terraformers!


In our preschool environment, children learn the Bible through activities, stories, crafts, and songs that reinforce the lesson. They are also given the opportunity to connect with their friends, God and a caring adult.

Elementary (k-5)

Our Elementary experience is designed to present the love of Jesus to kids in a way that is fun, exciting, and meets them where they are. Every week they get to connect with friends, learn about God, and connect with a caring adult. Our service includes games, stories, songs, and fun! As they focus on the main idea and a memory verse, they are also encouraged to connect what they've learned to what they do in their every day lives.